What makes me cranky…people who tell others the best way to “bulk up” is by eating tons of protein. Yes, I have been eavesdropping at the gym again. It’s a terrible habit but not one I’m likely to break anytime … Continue reading

It’s That Time of Year…

What makes me cranky…spring. It’s not that I’m immune to the warmer weather and longer days. I enjoy the chance to be outside more as much as anyone; however, as a nutritionist, I am struck by a particularly galling aspect … Continue reading

Vitamin Water…Really?!

What makes me cranky…Vitamin Water. Well, not Vitamin Water, per se. As far as gimmicks go, it’s another in a long line of scams that prey on our need for easy solutions and, from a nutritional standpoint, merits little more … Continue reading

To Be or Not to Be (Cranky, that is)

Old habits die hard. Hmm…how true; and, while that could easily be applied to the nasty patterns we develop in regard to our health, I’m using it here to allude to my own nasty habit of being cranky. That’s right, … Continue reading

Choose Wisely

What makes me cranky…fighting the wrong battle, especially when it comes to our kids. Being healthy is hard enough without undermining the process by chasing at windmills and, ultimately, losing the forest through the trees. The length to which people … Continue reading

Something’s Fishy…

In the spirit of the New Year, I plan on tackling a potentially cranky issue without spiraling into one of my rants. I realize that alone seems fishy, but don’t be concerned. I’m not going soft on you or adhering … Continue reading

The Joy of the Calorie-Laden Season

What makes me cranky…NOT the holidays! I love everything about them! Still, as a nutritionist, I understand not everyone shares my passion for the season. Faced with the prospect of an unending succession of parties and indulgence, people everywhere start … Continue reading

Bananas and Carrots and Potatoes, Oh My

What makes me cranky…our insane preoccupation with carbs. What started with a group of nutrition quacks convincing people a fundamental macronutrient was the cause of our national obesity problem has mutated into an insidious pseudo-science in which bananas, carrots, and … Continue reading

Did You Hear That Sigh?!

What makes me cranky…health club employees who dispense wildly incorrect nutrition information and, in their ignorant bliss, ruin my workout. Even the best endorphin high isn’t enough to shield me from their relentless barrage. Honestly, if they’re going to pose … Continue reading

Making Healthy Food Choices

What makes me cranky…as you well know by now, many things make me cranky. Today, however, I’m feeling calm and serene. In fact, I’m sitting here in the Lotus position, becoming one with the cosmic nutritionist. The resulting inner peace … Continue reading